Extra Large Value Combo (serves 6-8 persons Grill pan not included)


Stock photo is used for reference only.
Grill pan is not included in this combo and is sold separately.

Extra Large Value Combo serves 6-8 persons. The following items are included:

Kimchi Large Box
Spicy Radish Large Box

Main Dishes
Miyazaki Wagyu Grade A5
Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Chunk Rib
Wagyu Beef Tongue (Thick Cut)
American Kobe Beef Finger Meat
Top Class Marbled Beef
Australian Wagyu Blade Steak
Wagyu Belly
Shredded Wagyu Finger Meat
Spicy Choice Beef
Seasoned Squid

Side Dish
Fresh Vegetable Pack x 2
Mushroom Pack

Corn Cheese x 2

Special Miso Sauce
Special Yakiniku Sauce x 2
Ground Spices

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