Japanese Style Hotpot (serves 2-3 people Stove not included)



Stock photo is used for reference only.
Stove is not included in this combo and is sold separately.

Japanese Style Hotpot Combo serves 2-3 people. The following items are included:

Soup base (Select one out of three)
Dashi Broth
Tomato Bisque Soup
Sukiyaki Soup( with Pasteurized Eggs x2)

Top Class Marbled Beef
Prime Marbled Beef
Wagyu Belly
Seafood Platter
includes Snow Crab Stick, Wild Argentine Red Shrimp x 3
House Assorted Platter
includes assorted meat balls and mushroom.
includes Lettuce, radish, Chinese lettuce, Napa cabbage, Edible Chrysanthemum
Udon noodle

Special Ponzu Sauce
Special Sesame Sauce
Ground Spices
Pasteurized Eggs x2

Soup Base

Dashi Broth, Tomato Bisque Soup, Sukiyaki Soup